✶ About the Artist ✶

'What-the-who' is Fantasy Hippie?

Hello, fellow humans! 🖖

It's nice to see you here.

My name is Shannel. I am a half-elf alien white witch, fantasy art loverand French-Canadian artist!

I've been drawing since I was a young earthling. As soon as a pencil and a white surface come into play, I'm unstoppable. I really enjoy it! My main drawing interests are fantasy characters and alien-like creatures. I also love encouraging others to create and express themselves through art.

I'm a big cartoon fan and did 3D animation studies. I highly enjoyed my journey, but decided to make my way elsewhere.

So, this how my digital designs led me to create Fantasy Hippie.
I felt that creating this brand was a great way to share to the world my love of drawing, nature and inspirational quotes... To leave my mark in the beautiful color palette we all are and in light our world a little more every day!

On that note, I've got lots of ideas that I can't wait to share with

And if you're looking for a journey into the wonderful world of
character design, let's go there together...

Luckily, it's on my way too! ;3


Be who you are! ✌️